1. Reserve housing.

After checking availability, the customer enters the 25% of the rental fee in the account number that will be provided in the name of "The Concierge"; in the subject, the reference of the apartment and the name and surname of the person making the reservation and contract holder. We also accept payments via PAYPAL (Cost 4% of the amount) When we have the proof of payment or payment with PAYPAL, we will send the customer a contract with the housing data, owner, rental days and amount paid as well as the general conditions of rental. Once read and signed the two documents, we should do come along with a photocopy of your ID. 15 days before entering the house, it should be the rest of the payment, 75% in the same manner as the previous payment. Upon delivery of keys, a deposit of 200 € will be delivered; credit card (essential).

2. Cancellation of the reservation.

In case of cancellation, will be charged 10% if this occurs more than 30 days from the date of entry, 50% if it is between 15 and 30 days before and 90% if done less than 15 days in advance.

3. Premium services.

The housing must be delivered under the same conditions that were given, free of personal belongings and trash. Elconserje.es, offers cleaning service during your stay, you will be billed separately. We also have bedding, if the offered housing does not have it, travel cots and extra bed (on request). Extra services will be paid in cash at the office the day of the entrance to the apartment.


  • Travel cot…………………..15€ weekly.
  • Linens and towels……..10€ per person per week.
  • Housekeeping…………..15€ per hour and worker.
  • Laundry service………..According laundry bill.

4. Keys

The keys of the apartments will be held from 17:00 hours to 20:00 hours the day of entry. Deliveries outside these hours will have a supplement depending on the time of entry, and this of 20 €; if you have done before 22:00 and 30 €; if realizase from 22:00 to 23:59. The client can call the day before the entrance and if the apartment is available and clean, you can hand over the keys before. The apartments must be abandoned before 10:00 AM. free goods, garbage and under the same conditions they found. The delay in delivery of the apartment or the keys will incur a penalty corresponding to half of one day's rent depending on the season. This penalty will be deducted from the deposit.


It acts as an intermediary between the end customer, who intended to use holiday home, and the owner of it. Therefore, any claim for housing is the owner's responsibility since SERVICES AND LEASES ELCONSERJE SL is limited to transfer the conditions that transmit them to the homeowners, unable to ensure compliance with them. However, SERVICES AND LEASES ELCONSERJE SL agrees to make interlocutor with the property in order to settle, in the extent possible, any problems that may arise to the customer. We are not responsible if power cuts or water, cuts television signal, noise from neighbors or adjoining works, state of the common areas, or any property not attributable to the cause are made.